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If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to experience roleplaying games without the long-term commitment of a full campaign, Kar’s one-shot packages are the perfect solution.

These packages offer a selection of pre-made characters to choose from, a world/setting overview, and a rules overview, ensuring that even those new to roleplaying games can jump right in and start playing.

The one-shot package includes up to three hours of game time. The package is completed with art, maps, and handouts to increase enjoyment and immersion.


Every successful RPG campaign starts with a little planning.

Our Campaign Builder package focuses on what is called “Session Zero”. It’s where we work with you to establish what kind of game you want to play. This includes discussing the setting, any trigger warnings that may be necessary, the tone of the campaign, and what is expected of players. We also go over the rules and assist with character creation, ensuring each player has a character that fits well into the world and story.

Kar’s GMing results in engaging plot hooks, tying the character’s stories together, which leads to higher engagement. A story should be driven by its characters, and Kar works hard to make that a reality for every campaign.


Looking to expand your RPG horizons and try out a new system? Our Learn-a-Game package has you covered! We do a deep dive into the rules, give examples of play, and explain how to handle odd or unusual occurrences. We also recommend tools, materials, and any extras you need to get started.

Our Learn-a-Game service is flexible whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran. We focus on making the learning experience fun, which is the most important part!

Learn more about our learn-a-game service and take the first step towards exploring new worlds and expanding your RPG repertoire.

Unlock the full potential of your imagination.


Looking to jump right into a new campaign? Kar’s premade characters are your answer! Kar has created a large variety of fully fleshed-out characters, each with their own unique backstory, personality, and skills for you to take and immediately start gaming with.

If you can’t find a character that fits, Kar will work with you to customize one.

Learn more about the premade character packages and start your new RPG campaign with a fully realized character that is ready to take on whatever challenges come their way!


Elevate your RPG game with Kar’s custom bundle services! Kar has years of experience creating engaging and immersive campaigns for players of all levels and can work with you to create a bundle of resources tailored to your specific interests and needs. Whether you’re looking for resources to help you create a rich and detailed world, or tools to help you manage combat encounters and NPC interactions, Kar’s custom bundle services have got you covered.

You can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to create an unforgettable RPG experience. Kar can provide detailed world-building resources, such as maps, histories, and cultural guides, as well as detailed character sheets and pre-generated NPCs to help you populate your world. And if you need help running your campaign, Kar can provide guidance and advice on everything from creating engaging encounters to managing player expectations.

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